what is Agricultural Quantify Data Machines?





       富比士的官方文章中,提及Bright Agrotech CEO Chris Michael 在“Aglanta” 會議中,所列舉垂直農場的九大失敗原因,與Rick LeBlanc所指出的垂直農場四大必要需求。創森公司提出完整的解決方案(詳見創森農業量據機產品說明) ,該內容包括:上下游產業結構整合方向,國際商業發展模式,軟硬體完善解決方法……等等

In 21st Century, all productions transformed into industrial mass production process; for example: handmade customized clothing changed to standard specification machine sewing; handwritten books changed to computerized printing.     

All consumer necessary products are produced from manufactory, except the traditional agriculture industry which still rely on the mother-nature, it was hard to find an effective agriculture production methodology.

In 1950 The Professor at Columbia University  first introduced a vertical farms (plant factory) multi-layer variety cultivation concept, the whole world is competing on research and development on an environmental-controlled vertical farms (plant factory) in order to solve the agriculture production issues, the purposes are increasing the profits and reducing the risk.  However none of the purposes were achieved.   Nowadays, the vertical farm (plant factory) concept still remains on a specific black area.  The way a group of engineers were trying to plan and assemble the technology and equipment, it still cannot truly solve the agriculture problems caused from the industrial chain’s upstream and downstream.

S+A Company re-interprets the vertical farm (plant factory) concept, introduces a product of the agricultural industrialization – “Agricultural Quantify Data Machine”, simply speaking, the machine creates profits from mass production, can deliver and input all kinds of plants research data, to proceed a standardized model collection on mass production, data and machinery.   Through the standardized model collection, and SOP management, the “Agricultural Quantify Data Machine” proceed a large scale environmental planned production, it is a progress factory production which perfectly meets the market supply and demands. The size of a vertical farm (plant factory) depends on the amount of the Agricultural Quantify Data Machines.  S+A company’s Agricultural Quantify Data Machine (container farm) is an agricultural production equipment which is smallest in size and the most on production!The module collection concepts between large vertical farm(plant factory) and S+A Agricultural Quantify Data Machine (container farm) are different, when the agriculture enters into the mass production stage, the details on management became the most risky issue on production.

Only through S+A company “Agricultural Quantify Data Machine’s “(container farm) leading calculation and analysis on each single module’s return on investment (ROI) can reduce the risk and increase the profits.In an official article from Forbes, there are“9 Reasons Why Vertical Farms Fail”cited by Bright Agrotech CEO Chris Michael at the “Aglanta” conference, and“4 necessary requirements” as pointed out by Rick LeBlanc. S+A company proposed a complete solution (Please refer to S+A  “Agricultural Quantify Data Machine” product description, which include: industrial structure integration vertical alignment, , the international business development model, the complete solution of hardware and software… etc.)